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Ingo Swann
Ingo Swann Books, 1998, $18.95, 219 pages, ISBN 0-9667674-0-3 (Paper)

The psychic abilities of Ingo Swann have been well documented by both academic science and those involved in the military remote viewing (ESP at a distance) program. In light of this, when Swann says that he "saw" stuff on the moon, one must pay attention.

And, see stuff, he did. Given only geographical coordinates by a top secret government agency official and told to "go to the moon," the side of the moon that never faces the earth, Swann expected to find rocks, dust, craters, and mountains. Instead he found, vehicle tread marks, domed structures, and much more, suggesting the presence of intelligent life. In Swann’s opinion, alien life.

The first of the three sections of Penetration describe Swann's experience and involvement with remote viewing for the government. It is crisply written and to the point, and despite the fear engendered by his experience with government secrecy, his story telling elicits amusement in the reader.

The second section details what Swann claims many scientists and NASA know about the moon, but the general public does not. For instance, the moon has: an atmosphere, water, clouds, strange lights and structures, and when jarred, rings hollow, like a bell. Swann wonders why this isn't common knowledge? He also asks, why NASA didn't continue going to the moon when it spent so much money in the race with the Russians to get there? And why, when they still had 3 Apollo rockets ready to launch, they scrapped them and turned their efforts to Skylab and the space shuttle?

The third section deals with consciousness. When telepathy is studied in a laboratory setting the assumption has always been that one's individual consciousness is attempting to transfer some knowledge to another's individual consciousness. Swann suggests that there is no such thing as individual consciousness, there is only one universal consciousness. Therefore, what you know, think, and feel; I can know, think and feel, it doesn’t have to be transferred from one person to another.

Which brings us to the reason, according to Swann, that the powers that be don't want us to know about alien bases on the moon, or elsewhere. Based on thousands of first hand accounts we learn that aliens can communicate telepathically, which means, they know what we are thinking and feeling, and can control what we think and feel.

Imagine if we all had this capability. If we knew that this was part of our inherent nature, and that it could be developed. Swann does imagine, and comes to some frightening conclusions.

Section one of Penetration is highly entertaining and readable, while sections two and three, although informative, are somewhat repetitive and didactic. A nice feature of the book is the references to other sources that scientifically corroborate Swann's view of the activity and structures on the moon. Highly recommended.